• Tameka Abney

    Tameka Abney

  • Pollie Massey

    Pollie Massey

    Speaker, Chief Inclusion Strategist, #1 BestSelling Author! Master Coach, Bodacious, Empathic, stationery snob & lover of great shoes. #TheArtOfInclusion®

  • Cassaundra Brown

    Cassaundra Brown

  • michael walters

    michael walters

  • Keisha Michelle

    Keisha Michelle

    Good girls go to heaven, and doodle longingly in journals, and are just downright weird in the view of the world. 3/3 I'm winning.

  • Chris Thompson

    Chris Thompson

  • Jenny Magenta

    Jenny Magenta

    I am a performance artist, activist, strong voice, mental health advocate, diversity & inclusion speaker. @jennymagenta

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